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About This Site

Tell Us What You Think

This site was completely redesigned in December of 2004. We would love to hear what you think of the site, and we would be happy to entertain any suggestions you might have for future versions. If you want to contact us about the site, you can simply drop us an email.

For reference, below is a summary of some of the methods used in the development of this site. We hope you find them interesting, and even useful. If you do, we'd love to hear about it!

Transitional CSS Method

This site is built using Jefferey Zeldman's Transition Method/Hybrid Layout (PDF:608k) from the book Designing with Web Standards. This method involves using a table to hold the basic structure of the page while using CSS to style every element on the page including the font styles, sizes, colors, background images, borders, tables and cells.

CSS/Style Sheet Switcher

Because the presentation of this site is controlled with Cascading Style Sheets, the look of the site can be modified by simply switching out the style sheet. We have provided three color schemes (in the left hand sidebar) that users can choose from. The method used to switch the style sheets was provided by Paul Sowden in the article Working With Alternate Style Sheets from A List Apart.

(X)HTML Compliance

This site was built using web standards and it is coded to be valid and compliant (X)HTML.

Exception: The pages on this site which contain video do not validate as (X)HTML because they use the <embed> tag to embed the video clips on the page (standard practice when embedding flash). The embed tag is not included in the W3C specification for (X)HTML.

Flash Video

In the redesign of in December 2004, the video clips on the site were standardized to be presented in the browser's viewport using flash video, and most videos offer a choice of a larger clip and a smaller clip for users to choose from, depending on their connection speed. In the video gallery, clips are also available (in two sizes) for download using Windows Media Player which you can download for free for PC or Macintosh platforms.

Drop Down Navigation

Drop down navigation bars are popular across the web. Most use javascript to show and hide the navigation, and these navigation systems can be problematic for some users. They also tend to make the pages less searchable. This site uses an HTML and CSS based drop down navigation system from Project Seven which is highly accessible and searchable.

Credits & Cautions

This site was designed and developed by Kristin Long and the logo was designed by Inka Petersen.

All content on this site is owned by Kevin St. Laurent & Carla Heiney and may not be used without explicit permission. This prohibition includes video clips, photos, logos and written content.